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1. Endeavoring in the Weekly test (held every Monday) is compulsory for every student, as the marks of the test has 10% weightage in the half yearly and the annual exams.

2. Every parent should monitor the child's progress and sign the test copies on the second Saturday of every month. This day is reserved only for High school classes.

3.Second Saturday of every month is allocated for Parent- Teacher meeting. The parents are advised to meet the teachers between 9.00 to 10.00 AM to assess the child's progress. On other days, the parents will be allowed to meet the teachers only after the consent of the Principal.

4. The student will have to submit a medical certificate if he is unable to sit in a test or exam on medical grounds. For promotion to subsequent classes, it is compulsory to pass in all the subjects in half yearly and final exams. The Principal's verdict will be considered as final and binding in such cases.

5. To avail promotion 75% of attendance is necessary. The students who do not appear in both half yearly and final exams, and produce a medical certificate instead will be detained.

6. The student who is found to use unfair means in the examination will be disqualified in that subject. The right of awarding promotion or suspension is entirely under the jurisdiction of the Principal.

7. Private tuition is strictly banned in the school. Therefore you are requested to cooperate with the management and Principal of the school to stop this malpractice. Kindly confer a written complaint to the Principal, if any teacher pressurises your ward to do so, without apprehension. If personal tuition is required from any teacher of the school, kindly take written permission from the Principal beforehand, without which the student may have to face a disciplinary action form the school.

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