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St. Francis Xavier’s Inter College, which has completed six decades of enlightening the young minds, has a glorious and memorable historical past. An era, stretching to about six decades has been invested to bring the school to its current iconic status. Its foundation has been cemented by the blood and sweat of many priests. Some of them have already set off to their heavenly abode while others are leading their lives in sanctity after seeking their retirement and some others are actively serving the church in various capacities. Their tireless efforts in raising the institution to its current height can never be overlooked.

To start with, this panoramic journey began in the year 1944, when a Canadian priest Lt. Rev. Fr. Andrew purchased this site in the heart of the city. The building in the North direction was the first one to be erected within the premises. This block housed the Manager’s residence and a multipurpose hall, which served both as a classroom on weekdays and Chapel on Sundays. Later as the number of the students increased, a need to have a separate block was felt. As a result the foundation stone of the present building was set up in the year 1948.

Since there were no provisions for a separate school for girls in the neighborhood, co-education was imparted in the early years. Fr. Andrew along with his colleague Rev. Fr. Stephen taught children with great fervor and devotion. In 1949, the reigns of the school was taken over by Lt. Rev. Fr. Faustin Alva, who was a farsighted and a diligent visionary. Under his flagship the mammoth task of constructing a school for girls in the vicinity was achieved in 1952. This school is now known as Fatima Convent. Due to Fr. Alva’s persistent and untiring efforts the earned the recognition of High School from Uttar Pradesh Board of Education in 1955.

Rev. Fr. John C. D’ Souza was appointed the first principal of the school in the year 1957. The school was granted financial aid from the UP State government in the year 1962. The school under Fr. John’s able guidance marched effortlessly on the path of academic triumph to earn the reputation of being the epitome among the preminum education hubs of Kanpur City.

The strength of the students increased by leaps and bounds. In 1963. Lt. Rev. Fr. Noel D’ Souza was appointed the principal of the school. Under his guidance and leadership the school became the synonym for unparallel scholastic achievements. Admission in the school was considered to be the matter of pride and prestige. The flawless academic performance of the students in the state board exams added glitter and gloss to the aura of the school.

In 1981,Rev. Fr. Xavier Lobo took over from Fr. Noel, who efficiently carried forward the legacy, left behind by his predecessors. The year 1986, aw the advent of yet another great visionary in the person of Rev. Fr. J. B. Castelino. Under his guidance and leadership skills the school scaled new heights and its name and fame was spread far and wide. In 1993, the new Church building was premeditated owing to the efforts of the Manager, Rev. Fr. William D’ Souza and Principal Rev. Fr. J. B. Castellino. This ostentatious building is rightly given the status of being one of the outstanding land mark of the city. The unaided section was started in the year 1992 and later in 2005 the school got the recognition for conducting Intermediate classes.

The year 2008, saw the advent of yet another young and dynamic Principal in the person of Rev. Fr. Rajesh Simon Thakur. Under his leadership and guidance, this institution is not only triumphing new arenas of success not only in the field of academics but also multifarious co- curricular activities but also conquering new horizons and soaring new heights. He is working tirelessly day in and day out to make the school achieve its former glory. His hard-work has already started bearing fruit as we had excellent board exam results, for two consecutive years.

सत्यमेव विद्या तद् देषज्योतिः
(Truth triumphs through Education, which enlightens the nation)

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